For any company, bookkeeping services are mandatory. Optional is how these services are provided. A common approach to accounting practices strictly meets administrative and legal requirements.

At Accountess, however, we come with something extra: we are concerned with identifying opportunities, solutions that can optimize and streamline the tax and accounting aspect, to the benefit of our clients.


And in addition to extensive coverage and strict compliance with the law, we are constantly concerned with modernising and streamlining this activity using digital technologies.


This way, through the bookkeeping service, they will become our responsibility:

  • Electronic archiving of accounting and supporting documents;
  • Accounting activity based on documents received (increased degree of automation);
  • Generation of trial balances and balance sheets;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns for corporate income tax, value added tax, excise duties and other taxes, duties and payments to the state budget;
  • Preparation of the Sales Journal and the Purchase Journal (in electronic form);
  • Preparation of company registers: Inventory Register, General Register and Tax Register;
  • Representation of the client in the relationship with the Financial Administration and the Directorate-General for Anti-Fraud during the course of the contract, in the event of an unannounced inspection;
  • Monitoring legislation in the financial-accounting and tax field, flagging legislative changes that have an impact on the client's activity and proposing appropriate solutions.