A volatile and unpredictable economic environment, poor management decisions, strong competition or unforeseen international events can have a major effect on a company's evolution. An organisation seriously affected by these factors may be faced with the challenge of rethinking its business from the ground up.

Accountess helps management and other stakeholders so that this transformation is approached correctly and implemented optimally.


When companies are reorganised through mergers, divisions or acquisitions, they need strategies that meet their objectives and qualified representation before the authorities involved in the process.

Our consulting services provide for these needs, focusing on tax restructuring and tax and financial due diligence.


Our company reorganization services include:

  • Conducting financial, tax or legal due diligence for company or asset acquisitions;
  • Inventory of assets and liabilities on reorganisation;
  • Reorganisation financial statements as at the reference date;
  • The transfer of assets between reorganising companies;
  • Preparation of liquidation financial statements for companies that cease to exist as a result of the merger;
  • Prior tax advice and support until the completion of the reorganisation;
  • Audit of the financial statements at the date of reorganisation.