Auditing is intended to bring objectivity to the analysis and evaluation of a company's financial situation.

An accurate and objective snapshot of the company's financial situation and performance in relation to the market is what any performance-oriented management team wants.


Accountess examines and analyses these factors in order to make a judgement on compliance with auditing standards.

Our authorised specialists will record all this information in a report drawn up under the responsibility of the auditor.


Our audit services include:

  • Financial investigations;
  • Check the level of compliance with the regulations in force;
  • Verify the accuracy of reporting to management;
  • Preventing and identifying errors or fraud;
  • Conducting detailed financial analysis for the purpose of mergers and/or acquisitions;
  • Identifying best accounting policies;
  • Preparation of annual audit reports in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and adopted by the Romanian Chamber of Auditors.

What do we do differently in audit engagements to provide management with a detailed and useful snapshot of the financial situation?

  • We participate in the annual inventory of stocks, where we transmit, verify and approve the procedure for establishing inventory committees, the format and structure of inventory lists, inventory procedures. We take part in the stocktaking by sampling;
  • We check the operation and accuracy of financial and accounting information in management and accounting software;
  • We analyse the structure of the financial accounting department and related departments (invoicing, warehousing, sales); we examine the level of training and skills for people operating accounting information in order to limit errors and increase process efficiency;
  • We verify tax calculations, review tax assessments and tax returns to certify half-yearly and annual financial statements;
  • We review major tax transactions and supporting documents (invoices, notices, contracts) for errors or fraud;
  • We review internal working procedures and recommend changes or additions where necessary;
  • We perform a comparative analysis of the profit and loss account previous year/current year to identify significant changes and the reasons for them;
  • We analyse the composition of personnel files;
  • We check the correctness of the drafting of personnel documents (employment contracts, additional acts, termination documents, etc.);
  • We analyse the compliance of the Internal Rules and the Collective Labour Agreement;
  • We check the correctness of the salary calculation and the way employee benefits are taxed;
  • We provide specific advice throughout the audit process and come up with solutions to problems as we identify them.