One of the most important factors in a company's success equation is human resource management. Making effective use of the effort put in by employees, their job satisfaction, the way they are treated and rewarded are defining elements in the evolution of a company.

Accountess takes on specific challenges in the field of human resources. In this way, managers can focus on the development of the organisation, leaving the management of fiscal or administrative issues to us, which we will handle efficiently.


It is important for employers to know, understand and apply all the legal provisions that relate to the relationship between the organisation and its staff. This is why, with over 20 years of experience in the HR field, we approach these processes with the utmost responsibility and give them the importance they deserve.

We therefore have the resources and qualifications to provide our customers with the following services:


Internal HR services (post-recruitment assistance and periodic services)

  • Additional services in the case of a new employee (including but not limited to the following: job offers, preparation of personnel file, discussions/meetings with the employee both at the time of hiring and whenever changes in the employment contract occur, etc.);
  • Representing the Client in relation to future or current employees to sign/receive documents related to new hires, terminations, vacation, sick leave;
  • Representing the Client in relation to the HSE and PSI service provider;
  • Representing the Client in relation to the occupational health service provider.

Personnel administration

  • Drawing up and registering employment contracts, drawing up the documents that produce modifications/suspensions/ and terminations of the individual employment contract in accordance with the legal provisions in force;
  • Completion and registration of employee records;
  • Preparing the documentation for the start of negotiations on the Collective Labour Agreement;
  • Drawing up job descriptions based on information received from the client;
  • Preparation of documentation related to the annual evaluation;
  • Drawing up the certificates requested by the company's employees;
  • Monitoring legislation in the field of personnel management, pro-actively signalling legislative changes that have an impact on its own activity and proposing solutions for change in order to comply permanently with legal regulations.


  • Checking the collective attendance sheet and leave requests attached to it;
  • Performing the salary calculation and drawing up the payroll based on the documents received from the client (timesheet, leave requests, medical, etc.);
  • Drawing up and submitting, within the deadlines laid down by the legislation in force, the declarations on the nominal register of insured persons and payment obligations to the insurance budgets;
  • Preparation of payment files for obligations to the state budget and for salary payments;
  • Drawing up and registering files for the recovery of sick leave amounts paid from the state budget;
  • Monitoring legislation in the field of payroll, pro-actively signalling legislative changes that have an impact on its own activity and proposing solutions for change in order to permanently comply with legal regulations.

Administrative services in the field of human resources

  • Reporting to INSSE: FORPRO, LV quarterly, S2 annually, S3 annually, SERVTS (UNICA) monthly;
  • Production of standard monthly reports at the client's request (total salary cost, cost breakdown by department/cost centre);
  • Support during the financial audit process;
  • Planning and monitoring training;
  • Monthly records of fitness forms issued by the occupational physician;
  • Software implementation or upgrade services;
  • Representation in controls carried out by the Authorities in the field of human resources;
  • Production of reports/certificates on annual income earned by employees.

Human resources consultancy and support

  • Advice on labour law;
  • Advice on the preparation and management of personnel files;
  • Advice on the drafting of the Internal Regulations and the Collective Labour Agreement;
  • Advice on the conclusion/ execution/ modification/ suspension and termination of individual employment contracts;
  • Advice on the preparation of job descriptions and the annual evaluation of employees;
  • Advice on labour disputes;
  • Advice on the drafting of working procedures within the HR department;
  • Advice on how to calculate salaries;
  • Advice on taxation of personal income;
  • Advice on the creation of salary benefit packages and annual budgets allocated to staff;
  • Recovery of sick leave amounts paid from the state budget;