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Human Resources

One of the most important factors in the equation of a company success is human resources management. The efficient use of the effort made by the employees, their degree of job satisfaction, the way they are treated and remunerated are defining elements in the evolution of a company. Accountess takes on the specific challenges in the human resources area. In this way, the managers can deal with the development of the organization, leaving in our care the fiscal or administrative challenges, which we will solve effectively.

It is important for employers to know, understand and apply all the legal provisions that refer to the relationship between the organization and its employees. Therefore, with over 15 years of experience in human resources area, we approach these processes with maximum responsibility, giving them due importance.

We have the resources and qualification necessary to provide our clients with the following services:

Consultancy and assistance in the human resources area

  • Consultancy on labor law
  • Consultancy regarding the preparation and management of personnel files
  • Consultancy on labor conflicts
  • Consultancy regarding wages taxation
  • Consultancy on recovery the medical leave amounts incurred from the state budget

Personnel administration

  • Preparation and management of personnel files
  • Completion and registration of the register for employees’ records
  • Preparation of the Internal Regulations, Collective labor agreement and preparation of the annual evaluation
  • Monitoring the legislation in human resources area, proactively signaling the legislative changes that have an impact on our clients activity and proposing solutions for permanent compliance with the legal regulations.


  • Salary calculation and drawing up the payment state
  • Drawing up and submitting the declarations regarding the nominal record of the insured employees and the payment obligations to the state budget
  • Drawing up reports specific to each company, including budgets, planning, configuration of employee benefit packages