Vulnerabilities in internal processes or risks in the conduct of various activities must be identified and eliminated to remove various causes that can seriously affect the smooth running of the company. Management will thus have a greater degree of relaxation and control, in order to focus on development.

Through internal audit services we ensure a system of working procedures adapted to the business and in line with the company's strategy.


By looking at the organisation as a whole, analysing process and risk management, the internal auditor identifies opportunities and offers tailored solutions to make the company's activities more efficient and secure.


In internal audit:

  • We identify and mitigate financial, tax and legal risks;
  • We check the efficiency of processes within the organisation;
  • We ensure the economy of processes and activities of organizations, optimizing cash flow and related indicators;
  • We analyse and optimise the way software is used;
  • We prevent fraud and errors;
  • We ensure the quality of our work and internal control;
  • We generate procedures and mechanisms to control and prevent fraud;
  • We support managers in the creation, implementation and continuous monitoring of the internal control system.
  • Please note that internal audit is mandatory for organisations subject to statutory audit*.