Anca Timiș

Anca Timiș joined the Accountess team in 2009 as an Organisational Consultant.

She is a graduate of the Faculty of European Studies and the Faculty of Psychology, with master studies completed on Project Management. She has completed multiple courses on human resources, psychology and personal development and is a CNFPA Licensed Trainer.

The development as an organisational psychologist, guidance counsellor and therapist is among her professional projects in progress.

Anca Timiş has a 14 years experience in the field of human resources, acquired especially in the area of recruiting, counselling, evaluation and team development.

Within Accountess, the most important tasks include developing career development projects for each team member.

She is motivated by a strong attachment to her professional activities, which is why she is also a volunteer member of the Romanian Association of Transactional Analysis, whose activities are focused on a psychotherapeutic system dedicated to personal development and change.

Her passion for human resources showed since she was a student. She was also involved in various volunteer projects, such as the European Students’ Association, whose mission is to support students in starting their professional career, including counselling them in the required field.