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Accounting Expertise

The compliance with the legislation in force, the correctness of the financial reports or the way in which the taxes and duties are calculated are just some of the elements that ensure the peace of mind of the responsible factors within the companies. By employing an accounting expertise from the Accountess, they benefit from a complex analysis of how certain financial and accounting situations are reflected in the documents and in the accounting records.

Our expertise services include:

  • Verification of transactions of significant values and supporting documents (contracts, residence certificates, activity reports, invoices, etc.)
  • Verification of the accounting processes in order to certify the correctness and effectiveness
  • Verification of salary calculation and tax system of employees
  • Verification of tax and tax calculations
  • Verification of filed tax returns and financial reports
  • Verification by survey of contracts concluded with natural persons collaborators
  • Verification by survey of personnel files, employment contracts and job descriptions, and verification of the Internal Regulations.