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Financial-Accounting and Fiscal Consultancy

The good management of a company is based on accurate information on financial-accounting and fiscal aspects. Our experts help the management team or the financial-accounting department to identify, analyze and forecast the evolution of the factors that lead to the growth or contracting of the business in order to make the best decisions in time

Our consultancy services include:

  • Characteristics identification of the economic system (identification of organizational structure, time constraints, exchange of information between departments, technological competences, costs, etc.)
  • Analysis of the correctness of the data entered or of the operating errors and the generating factors
  • Analysis of the flow of information within the company in order to make this transfer more efficient
  • Analysis of financial flows and cash flow
  • Debt and debt analysis
  • Consultancy regarding taxation at the organization level
  • Consultancy regarding the development and implementation of the work accounting procedures
  • Consultancy in interpreting and understanding financial statements
  • Consultancy regarding the evaluation of financial indicators
  • Consultancy regarding the financial-accounting and fiscal legislation (profit tax, income tax, VAT, excise duties, social insurance, etc.)
  • Taxpayer assistance during fiscal controls
  • Optimization of payment taxes and solutions for minimizing them in accordance with the legislation in force
  • Accounting and tax review services
  • Consultancy reports on legal opinion and related recommendations.