We bring you good news: we have entered into a partnership with APTIQ Global, through which we offer „one stop shop” services in the following areas: accounting, tax consulting, audit, legal assistance, human resources and payroll, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, insurance and IT.

APTIQ Global serves international clients in various industries such as: real estate and construction, energy and renewable energy, natural resources, automotive, IT & C, media, manufacturing, non-profit, retail & FMCG or transportation.

The partnership with APTIQ Global allows a multidisciplinary and consolidated approach, at a local and international level by developing and supporting joint projects carried out, both operational consulting and financial or fiscal area. Thus, we join forces to provide those interested with a complete package of professional services necessary for any company in the process of developing or rethinking its internal and external strategy.

APTIQ Global has access to an extensive network of clients and projects in Europe in its locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Romania. Collaborating with its local partners, the company is interested in extensive cooperation to achieve common economic goals, through mutual contribution to business performance and growth of businesses involved in the process.

The partnership takes the form of the entire APTIQ Global group of members, together with the following subgroups, representing departments, for each of the countries in which APTIQ Global is present:

  • APTIQ Assurance (Taxation, Audit, HR)
  • APTIQ Accounting & Payroll
  • APTIQ Legal and Compliance
  • APTIQ Valuation and Business Modeling
  • APTIQ Capital (M&A and Corporate Finance)
  • APTIQ Technology (IT&C)
  • APTIQ Wealth Management Advisory

APTIQ Global offers consulting services for the entire life cycle of a company, from the inception of the business idea and it`s evaluation.

APTIQ partners each have over 15 years of experience in their field of expertise, bringing together the most important professional accreditations at global and local level, such as EMBA, RICS, ACCA, CFA, ACCREDITED AUDITOR, CECCAR, DE BRAO.

Through the partnership with APTIQ Global, Accountess takes another step forward in its evolution, expanding its areas of expertise to offer its customers a complete package of services, designed to increase their operational efficiency and business performance.